Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Danny's album "In The Club" on the way

Mark March 11th in your calendar in red as it's the day when new Danny's album "In The Club" will see the light and do you have any doubt it wil be less than great? We have not as we heard already half of songs and like every of them!
Album will contain previously released Danny's cover of "In Your Eyes", sure Melodifestivalen single "In The Club", "Catch Me Of You Can" performed earlier this year in Poland and surprisingly "Just Like That" (I wonder if this track is in the same version that was released on previous album?) + 4 new tracks that we can't wait to listen to but for now we just can already be excited by the fact of getting studio-version of "Catch Me Of You Can" in our player. What a song!

1. In Your Eyes (Ozgo Radio Mix)
2. Tonight
3. In The Club
4. In Love With A Stranger
5. Never Gonna Make Us Cry
6. Catch Me If You Can
7. Just Like That
8. Cassandra

2 коммент.:

Poster Girl said...

Yay for 1.) a new Danny album, 2.) "Catch Me If You Can" making an appearance--I'll be so excited to finally own that song, and 3.) the album coming out so soon! Less "yay" for such a short album, especially if "Just Like That" is the already released song (though I do love it and always thought it some alternate universe where Sweden was a little more R&B-friendly it would make a fantastic single). Still, great news overall.

Paul said...

i do enjoy a nice mini album. not every album has to have 15 tracks does it :) Hurrah! Danny will be having a busy year what with this, MF, EMD et al! He does look very cheekbonesy on the cover!!