Saturday, February 5, 2011

Danny and Swingfly are winners of first Melodifestivalen-semifinal!

Tonight Sweden's bigest music celebration Melodifestivalen has officialy started in front of millions tv-viewers not only inside of Sweden but among many melofans abroad.
As almost everytime we've got some expected winners and some schlager-scandals with completely unexpected fails.
The biggest favorite by all polls and odds (and by rumours Christer Björkman's favorite) - Danny with his dance-anthem "In The Club" has taken first place of semifinal in the first round of voting leaving Le Kid, Swingfly, Jenny Silver and Pernilla Andersson for the next one. Unfortunately Dilba has taken - 8th, Jonas Matsson - 7th and Rasmus Viberg - 6th. In a second round Le Kid were left outside 5th, when Swingfly has become another winner and Pernilla with Jenny qualified to Second Chance.
Our thoughts about results. It's almost physically painful to realize that sweet little Dilba with her brave attempt to make step in new for her dance-genre and Le Kid making their schlager-trip such a bright spot of whole competition haven't qualified! Rasmus' song was also very good and he's undoubtfully talented guy so I'm looking forward to listen his new music. We supported Jonas from the beginning and we still do but competition this year has turned too tough. Swingfly has surprised many, I don't think that live-performance was stable enough but still it's enjoyable track that (along with "In The Club") is hard to call internal and it's a very good sign of more open-minded selection looking for international hit. Our heavy support in Second Chance goes to Jenny Silver with her stunning schlager "Something In Your Eyes" and not less great show.
Videos of qualifiers are quite fast taken away from youtube so here are videos of artists who were not lucky enough tonight.

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Paul said...

Le Kid were just a delight. I adored everything about their performance and have done a little bit of a blog about it. Danny was great too - he's so hardworking at the moment and I loved that track too. DILBA WAS ROBBED THO!!!!

Damian said...

I was disapponted so much about Dilba and Le Kid. Glad for Danny (who was incredible yesterday!) but Dilba and Le Kid not qualifiing have left in not so happy mood.

Anonymous said...

I must say,Danny's song is nothing special,nothing.Dilba's song also,Her result didn'r surprise me at all.Jenny should be in the final with Rasmus.Do you think Danny will win ?I hope not.Now i'm waiting for Eric Saade's song,Sanna's and Linda Pritchard's and Love Generation's.

Damian said...

I don't think that it'll be so easy for Danny to win with club-track but I also would never predict Swingfly to go directly to final so who knows :) Rasmus had great song and I really like his voice, but performance was too messy I think so I didn't expect him to qualify. Also waiting these atrists, I think together with Danny they'll be the biggest faves of the final.