Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily MF: New covers from Shirley's Angels, Simon Forsberg and Christian Walz

Today we've got a new bunch of singles cover and Jesus!!! Don't Shirley's Angels look more and more stunning? Girls will participate already this Saturday with the song "I Thought It Was Forever" and really loud names in songwriters credits - Alexander Bard, Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström.
Angels' rival Simon Forsberg has not less massive support as Fredrik Kempe with the song "Tid att andas". This year it's gonna be the first Fredrik's song with Eric Saade's "Popular" in the same semifinal so it's gonna be also interesting. Due to description we expect Swedish answer to Didrik Solli-Tangen (and it's really good thing as Kempe-written "My Heart Is Yours" was our fave of Eurovision-2010).

Christian Walz getting to the top of iTunes-chart after his 5th place in semifinal with the song "Like Suicide" keeps fighting with Lady Gaga for #1 second day, Babsan has managed to get to Top-30 and Elisabeth Andreassen unfortunately couldn't reach Top-100 and has left chart along with Jonas Matsson and Rasmus Viberg. Dilba is #3 and Le Kid - #18.

And about Eric Saade, currently his site was updated presenting his new image and it looks a bit more stylish and definitely beefy. Confidently moving from manBOY to MANboy.

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Being Blogged said...

That Saade-kid is kind of too good for photos.
Guess I'll get a heart attack this Saturday.

Damian said...

Eric knows what he does so I bet he's gonna look not worse than on photos this Saturday, hold on! :)

Anonymous said...

Damian,what do you think about this what happened with this sample of Love Generation's MF 2011 entry?
I do really hope that other MF 2011 songs won't leak.But i think that this is not Love Generation's fault.This is SVT's faut in my they shouldn'b be afraid of anything.
But why amazon put this sample on their site?
This is not the first time.A week ago the same situation was with Jedward' "Lipstick".
Even if they give the cover of the singlw and they give the release date they souldn't give the sample to listen to before the release.

Anonymous said...

I think the song by Love Generation cannot be disqualified because it's included on the compilation Melodifestivalen 2011.

Poster Girl said...

Poor "My Heart Is Yours." It really grew on me over the Eurovision season last year and, though I know being a "grower" is never good for Eurovision purposes, it's really a shame it didn't do better.

Great news for Christian!

Ha--I liked your last line about Eric.

Damian said...

Sure it's not LG's fault (though we never can be sure in anything in this world) but like it looks for now it's technical fault because of Amazon publishing it earlier.

I don't think they'll disqualify them now, it's too late and problematic. I hope it means we'll hear the rest of songs earlier like it was with Sibel and Peter leaked last year.

"My Heart Is Yours" was masterpiece but I think performance on ESC wasn't good at all, sunburnt Didrik in colour of his jacket didn't look so special and stylish like he did on MGP. I think if I saw him first time I would forget about him in 10 minutes :(

Paul said...

Oh my. Look at Eric :P Hehe.

I'm really excited about alexander bard song. very excited. saturday should be a brilliant show :)