Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sanna Nielsen and Brolle win second Melodifestivalen semifinal

Both biggest bookmakers and polls favorites Sanna Nielsen and Brolle have proved expectations and have taken victories moving to final of Melodifestivalen-2011 with the only difference - Sanna has become winner though Brolle was considered as bigger favorite.
Our thoughts? Not managing to like Brolle's song we're happy it's Sanna who have done it - she did everything right, performing it aseptically clean with confidence of artist who was on Melodifestivalen 5 times before. Unfortunately song (though it's good) sounds like younger sister of "Hero" (stopping Sanna from going to Eurovision 3 years ago) - fresh, more modern but not as massive so we don't see it as serious contender for a victory but still Sanna deserved victory in semifinal.
Really breathtaking thing for us was Loreen's performance, what a voice! We've drown in this voice and stopped to breathe for whole three minutes, incredible artist and we hope Loreen has a chance to qualify to final from AC. The Moniker has delievered bright-coloured show but the song still wasn't our cup of tea. Big losses for us were Christian Walz with amazing ballad "Like Suicide" that will make this meloseason for us (among few others) and Anniela's "Elektrisk" - great pop-song that can be on top of iTunes chart already tomorrow. Babsan gets our kudos for interesting show and Elisabeth Andreassen - for very high-professional vocals.
Another highlight of the show for us was Marie Serneholt performing "Babie Girl", what a great self-irony! We definitely respect it.

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deli said...

Brolle was my favourite last night so I'm very happy

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that Sanna is in the final and agree with you Damian that her song is not gonna win.Maybe the winning song will be in the 3rd or 4th semi.
And off the topic,i must say that in Eurovision the songs chosen so far are terrible.The best of them is "Haba Haba".

Damian said...

For me also. I can't say Haba Haba (or any other of already chosen) is amazing song but talking about full pack it's the best that we have for now.

Anonymous said...

Damian,do you know when the album by Linda Pritchard will be released?She says on her facebook that it is scheduled for the beginning of march.The same says Oscar Gorres.I'm asking you because maybe you know the exact release date of her album?
I wouldn't like to see next delay of her album if something would go wrong at MF 2011 (f.e. if she wouldn't go to the Second Chance round or to the final).

Poster Girl said...

Unfortunately I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about Sanna, but let's focus on our shared Loreen appreciation :) Her making it to Andra Chansen was so thrilling--an amazing singer matched with the perfect song, but I didn't dare count on the Swedes voting for her.

I hope "Like Suicide" (especially) and "Elektrisk" find success outside of the contest. I know they'll both get plays from me.

Damian said...

Answered about Linda in another post :)

Elektrisk, Like Suicide and MHIRM were best songs of this semifinal in my opinion, Sanna was also good, not as good as I expected (or maybe she was outshined by Loreen for me) but really-really hope these songs to be future hits. What a big potential Loreen actually has, it's like Medina with incredibly powerful and emotional vocal. Didn't hear anything like this long time and combination of this voice with strings-arrangement, Frozen-image and dance music is something completely WOW!