Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Press-reviews of Luleå MF-semifinal

Press has tasted songs of Melodifestivalen-2011 first semifinal in studio-versions and as it happens every year Schlagerprofilerna is our most informative source to get information and reviews about rehearsals, prelisten-conferences and so on. As guys post in Swedish I'll combine their posts with another great schlager-bloger Aftonbladet's Tobbe Ek, will compress and write here.

Songs are definitely better than year before and there's actually no obviously bad songs.

Dilba - Try Again - great opening in a style of The Attic's "The Arrival" with Kylie's vibes, modern dance track with positive atmosphere and strong chorus. Tobbe also compares song with Sibel's "Stop" with stronger choruses.

Swingfly - Me And My Drum - song in a style of previous Swingfly's single (for example "Singing That Melody"), built on "boom chicka boom" background with rap-verses and compared also with Teddybears going party. Earlier today also ex-Idol Christoffer Hiding who previously refused from performing "Killing Me Tenderly" (Maria Haukass & Anna Sahlene - 2009) revealed that he sings with Swingfly. Much better than previous rap-attempts but still difficult genre for MF and extreme need of wow-effect.

Jenny Silver - Something In Your Eyes - poor classic ABBA/Perrelli-schlager a la "As Good As New" in modern wrap almost on the verge of parody that can gather loads of schlagerfans votes. Completely different track comparing with previous Jenny's song.

Jonas Matsson - On My Own - simple catchy singer-sonwriter's pop winning on contrast with previous heavily produced songs and though Jonas isn't such a big pop-star with massive experience and portfolio but simplicity and charm of the song can take audience and surprise everyone by result.

Le Kid - Oh My God - positive enrgetic song growing during all track with "Mercy Mercy" meets Motown impression, catchy "O-o-o o-o-o-o o-o-o oh my God" part and production breathing upgraded BWO and Alcazar.

Rasmus Viberg - Social Butterfly - raggae-pop with folk-elements, East European feeling and Fairytale meets Lovestoned impression about girl flying from guy to guy like social butterfly. Song can surprise everyone with result.

Pernilla Andersson - Desperados - classic Pernilla's calm country-song in style of "Johnny Cash & Nina P" sounding a bit Håkan Hellström that can become hit on Swedish radio but doesn't look like schlager-breakthrough.

Danny - In The Club - modern club song with heavy dance beat breathing David Guetta, Rihanna and RedOne. Impressive and smelling like Globen-finalist but can be too much as well. It starts with slow tempo rising to catchy strong chorus consisting of repeating "In The Club" string.

Artists arrive to Luleå one by one, don't forget to check pics on Schlagerprofilerna, Elsa's blog, Tobbe Ek's one and Rickard Engfors' also.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny doing schlager can never be a bad thing. I am so looking forward to yet another hot mess by her :-D

Anonymous said...

First picture is-Danny and Swingfly and the last one is with Danny and Jenny I assume is-make up your mind man....;)))

Damian said...

Hehe, didn't think about it))
Girl on the last pic is actually Elisa - web-editor of Melodifestivalen site.