Friday, February 18, 2011

The Poodles - Cuts Like A Knife

Is there any other rock-band in Sweden that can do such a brilliant schlager-rock like The Poodles? I don't really know but their 80s melodic stadium rock always works for me so fine that I can't miss their new release.
This year band prepares new album "Performocracy" (meaning "The power of Performance" or "Rule by Performance") that will be out on April 15th with plans for release in North America as well. First single "Cuts Like A Knife" goes to the radio next Monday and will be released on March 3rd.
"Cuts Like A Knife" is traditional The Poodles-song with ballad piano-intro turning into powerful melodic rock-track with all expression you can expect from this band. Can I not to mention it has pretty cool key-change also?
Vocalist of The Poodles Jakob Samuel will be involved this Spring in Körslaget so this is a good way to promote new album by Körslaget and promote Jakob on Körslaget by new stuff.

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Paul said...

it's like the 80s never died. i love it :)