Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jenny Berggren for Denmark at Eurovision?

Breaking news today were delivered from Denmark where finalists of national Eurovision final were announced. As always we can find there some familiar Swedish songwriters names like Henrik Janson (responsible for Melodifestivalen-hits like "You're Out of My Life", "The Saviour", "The Queen") and Hanif Sabzevari ("Unstoppable") who have written song "You'll Get Me Through" for Sine Vig Kjærgaard. Thomas G:son, Erik Bernholm and Henrik Sethsson who composed "In a Moment Like This" last year this year participate with the song "25 Hours A Day" for disco-project Le Freak and Justin Hopkins with Patric Jonsson and Joakim Övrenius previously involved in Danish MGP and MF (Michael Michailoff "That's Love", Thomas Barsøe, "Just like rain") have also written "Black And Blue" for Kat and Justin Hopkins.
But really crazy news are that Jenny Berggren is wildcard of selection and what a great team of songwriters behind her!!! Thomas G:son who wrote the most successful entries of both Denmark (Chanée and N'evergreen "In A Moment Like This") and Sweden (Carola "Invinsible") for the latest 8 years (if we forget about Fame and Lena with the same results). But Thomas also gets help of Jeppe Federspiel (part of producing tema Providers) who delivered incredible hits for Medina lately ("Kun for mig", "Velkommen til Medina", "Ensom", etc.). Perfect combination to wait for national final on 26th of February! More information here.

Swedish participation wasn't so successful in Norway though. Last year Fredrik Kempe's song "My Heart Is Yours" has won MGP and this Jennifer Brown with Simone Larsen, Moh Denebi and Bjørn Djupström have written song "Gone with the wind" for soul-artist Noora Noor who hasn't reached final but still provided brilliant performance!

Maltese selection is also full of Swedish entries this year:
- Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender (Johan Stentorp, Johan Bederholm)
- J.Anvil - Topsy Turvy (Jonas Gladnikoff, Niall Mooney, Andrew Zahra, Deo Grech, Natasha Turner)
- Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money (Erik Rydmark, Sven Lundholm, Gerard James Borg)

Our favorite here is clearly pop-rock schlager from Fabrizio.

Jonas Gladnikoff's song "Tensão" written with loads of his other friends (Daniel Nilsson (m), Henrik Szabo (m), Johnny Sanchez (m), Jonas Gladnikoff (m), Michael Eriksson (m), Filipa Ruas (l), Pedro Sá (l)) this year competes in Portugeese preselection performed by Filipa Ruas. Nice dance song

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Anonymous said...

Henrik Wikström, Niklas Edberger, Mans Zelmerlöw

Damian said...

Yep, it was great song, really wanted it to win.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that Mans writes such good songs

Anonymous said...

:);)Jenny Berggren (DMGP 2011)