Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily MF: Linda Pritchard's demo of "Hollow" and Jenny Silver's cover of "Something In Your Eyes"

Actually I wanted to give you update later waiting for press' reviews of first Melodifestivalen semifinal but here 2 updates I'd like to share right now.
We've got another single cover this time from Jenny Silver, very lovely and sweet cover marking Jenny going from dark and authentic to softer and lighter side.

Linda Pritchard has written yesterday on twitter that her album will be ready today, something that many fans were waiting whole year since many Linda's songs were out last Spring and pretty stunning to expect a lot from her album. Today we've got another delicious piece of Linda from Schlagerprofilerna - her demo of "Hollow" that was sent to Melodifestivalen-2010 and finally given to Peter Jöback. I'll remind you that when Peter was announced there was a lot of buzz around winning song and it's not surprising as demo sounds very beautiful, massive and as Linda was then new artist without any expectations on her it really was taken as big favorite. New Linda's song is also written by Fredrik Kempe but this time co-written by Oscar Görres ("Hollow" was co-written by Anders Hansson).

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