Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily MF: Linköping semifinal rehearsals are online

Previews of third Melodifestivalen semifinal are out and what do we think about them? Actually I think it feels like the weakest semifinal this year, no big breakthroughs or candidates for the win in my opinion.

Linda Sundblad - "Lucky You" - guitar-pop sounding a bit like sweetness of "Oh Father" (that actually was the biggest Linda's hit in Sweden) with more expression of Pink's "Raise Your Glass", song needs more wild energy otherwise Linda makes it very kind that can be not advantage on Saturday but chorus-tune is very catchy and hope Linda will qualify.

Simon Forsberg - "Tid att andas" - schlager-ballad sounding like male version of "För Att Du Finns", it's big epic and Simon sings it good but without that goosebumps factor of Sonja that puts Simon's chances under the question.

Sara Lumholdt - "Enemy" - when songwriters of this song (who also wrote Eric's "Still Loving It") were published I wished Sara's song would sound in the same style and it does! It's not as dramatical, but modern and with nice show I really wish luck to Sara but it feels like a case when modern commercial songs are left 5th (though chorus in "Battlefield" style is quite catchy).

The Playtones - "The King" - song for rockabilly and dansband fans with hardly memorable verses but strong chorus that sounds like Manboy with high temo and rockabilly arrangement, I'm sure it will qualify to the final or AC, it's stable, atmospheric and catchy.

Shirley's Angels - "I Thought It Was Forever" - classic Shirley-shlager, absolutely what you expect when you hear words "Shirley" and "schlager", chorus really contains power of Shirley schlagers and I love it, but performance lacks something extra to convince me that public will vote for new "Min Kärlek" again. They voted for Sanna but she had more effective performance and more modern arrangement. Don't know what to say about chances.

Sebastian - "No One Else Could" - it's more complicated and more stylish song comparing with last brit-pop try, Sebastian performance with rolling camera around him remains his last perfomance a lot. I found song not so catchy from the first listen though and if it doesn't grow quite good all 3 minutes it can fall.

Sara Varga - "Spring för livet" - very jazzy and atmospheric song, as I'm not so good in Swedish to catch lyrics directly I think strength of the song is there. But Sara looks quite nervous on the stage and I feel like it's not gonna be so easily bought by audience like in Pernilla's case.

Eric Saade - "Popular" - starts with Boney M's "Rasputin" claps and verse breathing "It's Gonna Rain" ended up with chorus that you can sing along with lyrics of Lili & Susie's "Oh Mama" (I wonder if it will cause the same reaction of audience that story of Danny's song sounding like that Nicaraguan band's song). For me it's clearly far from "Manboy" and not entry to win in the final. As I think on Saturday "Popular" will be taken out online you'll still be able to enjoy his song in Lili and Susie's performance here :)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, third semifinals are almoust out...and one thing left to say,this year Melodifestivalen I think is gonna be poorer than last year.....Is overrated...even though 2008 and 2009 were very good performances .Sad but true:)

Damian said...

Difficult to argue with it, it's started well but almost no hits for years unforunately.

Anonymous said...

But Popular is the best till now,is catchy even though it's full of Boney M in it:P

Damian said...

I don't agree but glad that you like it :)

Anonymous said...

u favorite till now is still Danny?

Damian said...

Unfortunately for now I don't see anyone else of public faves doing well on ESC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Love Generation song will win whole MF2011.I know we've heard only a 30 sec.snippet it sounds very good.I also like "Popular" but "Manboy" was better. In this 3rd semi there are all nice songs,catchy,buy yes i agree till now there is no one song that we can describe as a hit.

Paul said...

I'm thrilled with the Eric song. REALLY THRILLED. Perhaps t will win you over more tomorrow. Oddly taken with the playtones too!!

Damian said...

That LG's snippet gave me loads of doubt it will be so easy for the girls, I feel like it lacks something for schlager-competition but we'll see in whole version.

Hope so, hope so :) At least I've liked snippet of studio-version on the radio today more.
You just had to like The Playtones, you like rockabilly and Manboy and it all is there. I actually also like the song, I think it's best The Playtones ever did, very strong chorus.