Monday, February 28, 2011

New songs from Anders Fernette's album "Run"

Anders Fernette who competed last Saturday at Melodifestivalen with the song "Run" but hasn't qualified further is open for some happier events and announces his new album's "Run" release on March 9th.
It doesn't mean he's over with Melodifestivalen as he's got that taste and eager to come back again due to his blog. But right now it's all about the album and we get two new tracks from Anders - "Echo" and "HeartBeep", both in that anthemic melodic pop-style we'd really like Backstreet Boys to move on (but they don't!) - with huge Swedish-pop schlager-energy and power. We don't know which of tracks we like the most, both tracks are dynamic pop-songs but "HeartBeep" is more romantic with beautiful strings arrangement when "Echo" is more uplifting and fresh by atmosphere. However both are brilliant and you can check them below with current single "Run" and 3 previous singles.

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Bless Anders. I do adore him you know. i'm so eager for his album to do splendidly well. I am liking Run more and more each time I hear it, and now keep going back to Hungry Eyes which i'd take over Dirty Bit anyday!!

Damian said...

You really should listen to whole album Paul, it hasn't charted but it's so underestimated being really qualitative work. That last place in semifinal was tough slap but I hope Bjorkman will give another to Anders next year as he really wants to come back.

Bryan said...

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