Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sofia is back with new single "Vacancy"

Two years have passed since Sofia Berntson's performance at Melodifestivalen with her hit "Alla" reached the final but since that it was quite silent around Sofia. Now we've got a sneak peak of her new music.
This year Sofia tried to get into the final of Greek pre-selection to Eurovision in duo with artist Apollon and the song "Vacancy" written by Dimitri Stassos and Gerard James Borg, unfortunately TV-company has preferred other songs (including two by Swedish authors - "The Time is Now" by Johan Ramström, Patrik Magnusson, Martti Vuorinen and "I Don't Wanna Dance" by Jonas Saeed and Pia Sjöberg) but the song will get its release in Greece however and Sofia has already performed it in Sweden as well.
Though it's a snippet without chorus we really like how epic and at the same time schlageristic it sounds, truly stunning comeback from one of our most beloved artists.

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Poster Girl said...

It does sound like it's building towards something big--I hope the chorus lives up to that!