Sunday, February 27, 2011

Linda Bengtzing and Nicke Borg are winning last Melodifestivalen semifinal!

As probably every week 4th semifinal's has brought us some controversial results, positive for some and negative for some.
Linda Bengtzing completetely unexpectedly has won whole semifinal with her energizer-schlager, song has grown on us with performance that Linda just can't do wrong but we're still a bit sceptic about further Linda's chances remembering about rumours Björkman asked jury not to vote for her in 2008. Nicke Borg was second with rock-ballad and show with holograms which looked effective. Preliminary faves has fallen though. Melody Club winning 50% of public on rehearsal was just 7th leaving behind only Anders Fernette. Julia Alvgard has become the most successful of webjokers but still was left 6th (how I wish it wasn't the end of Julia's career, she was amazing). Dansband-veterans Lasse Stefanz were left 5th and other pre-favorite Love Generation has gone to Second Chance round with Linda Pritchard who was highlight of the night for us. Maybe the song is not Moving On but it was still great and Linda delievered it like world-class diva. By rumours RedOne being impressed by Linda Pritchard's performance is going to meet her in Stockholm for further collaboration. We keep our fingers crossed, Linda deserves it all!

All participants of final and Second Chance are released on iTunes (except "Popular") and Danny is already topping the chart! Nicke Borg is #3, Linda Bengtzing is #4, Loreen is #5, Love Generation is #6, Swingfly is #9 and Sara Varga - #10.

Record of vocal performance of Sara Lumholdt was unleashed by someone from SVT and you can check it here - sometimes perfect, sometimes not really but still we give to Sara's work good response.

You can watch already all performances on SVT channel and decide who will be your favorite on Second Chance round, I'll remind you who will be competing against whom next Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere else to find Sara's vocals? EMI took it down.

Damian said...

Seems like no or at least I don't know, sorry =)