Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Set Fire Run - I Don't Mind At All / Undeniable (Blaming the Flaming Youth)

Set Fire Run starts new year with fresh hits and another wave of positive responses from pop-blog community. Swedish Stereo isn't gonna be exception here!
First presented track was "I Don't Mind At All" - crazy tempo track with Set Fire Run making their own type of rock'n'roll - electrified, impulsive, spiced with falcetto and catchy choruses as always. Definitely cool, uplifting but what broght us to complete rapture was second track "Undeniable (Blaming the Flaming Youth)" unleashed last week - truly anthemic pop-song with happily killing doze of cosmic synths wrapped in beautiful melodic harmonies of Set Fire Run. You should love it, you have to love it, don't you?!

I Don't Mind At All by Set Fire Run
Undeniable (Blaming the Flaming Youth) by Set Fire Run

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