Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vanessa Falk - Private Party

Last Summer Vanessa Falk has appeared with loud premiere of her debut single "Private Party" on Allsång På Skansen and it's really not usual case when you can see on this show debut of young artist with dance-single but it really deserved to be there. Vanessa has impressed us a lot with her stunning vocals and club-track that we couldn't wait to get as new release and finally it's ready to come out along with video that's already presented.
As Vanessa has great vocal for live performance studio-version turned to be not so different. "Private Party" is dark pulsating club-track with Vanessa's sexual vocals and pretty catchy melody packed with "Just Dance" sort of video from private party we wouldn't refuse to be invited to if we could get there listen of other Vanessa's new songs which are due to her Facebook page on the way.

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