Friday, February 11, 2011

Veronica Maggio - Jag Kommer

Veronica Maggio is back with new single "Jag Kommer" written and produced by Christian Walz participating this Saturday in Melodifestivalen, Christian is really on fire last time writing Idol-winning ballad of the last season, participating in MF and now becoming main force behind Veronica's upcoming album ”Satan i Gatan” (among others songwriters you can also find Markus Krunegård) that will be released this Spring.
Previous Veronica's album "Och vinnaren är..." was result of collaboration with Oskar Linnros and changing Oskar to Christian actually is felt in sound of the first single, "Jag Kommer" is still air-light positive relaxed track with very recognizable Veronica but with a slight move to guitar Summerish pop of Christian. Still very hit-stuff I think and Veronica can become this year female Snook in one person.

3 коммент.:

Elad said...

finally she's back!!! the waiting almost killed me lol

(worth a lot more than waiting to lady gaga's new single lol)

Anonymous said...

I agree with elad lady gagas new single was nothing but dissapointing it's so unoriginal and boring not something i want to play on repeat.

Veronicas new single is so catchy and fun definitely a summer hit song that will be spammed on radio.

Wish you the very best veronica you deserve the success you get.

Damian said...

For me Veronica's single is also much better that Gaga's. They seem to find it with Christian and I'm really glad new music is not any worse than she did with Oskar.