Sunday, February 6, 2011

Magnus Carlsson - The Kiss

Magnus Carlsson is ready for release of new single "The Kiss" from his latest album "Pop Galaxy", it's already fifth single and this time it's not disco-anthem that I find pretty good decision with the fact that chosen song is really one of the best tracks from album.
It's difficult to categorize "The Kiss" - it's not dance track and it's not a ballad, just beautiful pop-track with utterly tasty production and romantic feeling created by Magnus' delicate manner and thin air-light synths creating magic with strings arrangement.
But it wouldn't be Magnus if he haven't put some disco-flavour to this release. So single will also include another track "Slave To Love" that perviously was released on special edition of "Pop Galaxy" and new version of "Keep On Dancing" - probably best track of the album that I wouldn't refuse to see as separate single. Special single-pack will also include keychain with Magnus' pic in it.

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The Fix said...

Hi Damian,

The Fix ( here. Hope you are well (should we be writing this in Swedish?).

We just released our second video (first one found here This one was filmed in a basement in Solna and cost us about $50 to make.

We hope you enjoy it!

The Fix said...

... and HERE it is:

Damian said...

Hi guys! You can write in any language, I'll understand :) Thanx so much for the tips, you're gonna be wizards to make such a cool videos almost for free, undoubtfully will write about it a bit later this week, very nice song as well! Keep doing great stuff :)

The Fix said...

You rock. Thank you!