Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily MF: Listen to Göteborg semifinalists

Yesterday I gave you translation of press-reviews and not sure if I should write a lot when you can go and check 1-minute samples yourself. But I feel like I need to give my impression as well.

Brolle - "7 Days And 7 Nights" - Due to reviews I expected something much more radio-friendly and hit but unfortunately it doesn't feel like example of strong Brolle's single at all. Too much gospel, too much Elvis, too little melody, song feels like soundtrack to some rock-musical not separate release. Brolle can qualify only using all credits of folk's love I think.

Loreen - "My Heart is Refusing Me" - That's what I love directly! Dance-track with verses close to r'n'b with almost wispering manner and dance-chorus blasting with expressive and strong vocal of Loreen, it's not clubby and it can top the charts just like Le Kid and Dilba if it won't qualify and risk not to qualify is high enough. Performance is too dramatic and wispering verses can lead Loreen Dilba's way but wow! What a discovery of this year!

Babsan - "Ge mig en spanjor" - It's more latino-pop than schlager, very After-Dark but latino-twist gives it more fresh sound, however it's more about show (that's gonna be interesting) than song. Don't believe it will qualify.

Elisabeth Andreassen - "Vaken i en dröm" - Massive folk-ballad with Suzzie Tapper sort of staging. Elisabeth looks big professional and in Norway it could easily go to the final but Sweden wasn't so positive about this sort of songs last years (Erik Linder's song is the last that I can remember). However I'm sure it will qualify somewhere.

Sanna Nielsen - "I'm in Love" - You know Sanna. Sanna celebrates 15 years on the stage this year. Now try to imagine big modern-sounding but still classic schlager summarizing all schlager-years of Sanna to celebrate Sanna-2011. That's exactly what "I'm in Love" sounds like. There were a lot of not impressed reviews about the song. But beautiful staging, Sanna's experience and the song that in my opinion is not weak at all can lead her right to the final and be in Top-5 there.

The Moniker - "Oh My God!" - song turned to be completely different with previous Daniel's single "Would You Believe?", colourful performance with happy The Beatles meets Mika "ooh-la-la" singing of Daniel looking exactly like he did on Idol. It's catchy but I find it hard to understand and will be really surprised if it will get high.

Anniela - "Elektrisk" - modern electric deep sound of verse with hard beat grows to quite catchy and strong double pop-chorus. Anniela looks a lot like young Linda Bengtzing, does very similar sort of choreography and there's even something in her moves and communication with camera. It's a good thing as Linda is one of the strongest schlager-icon but it feels like Anniela needs to give more wild Bengtzing energy and joy to it and I really hope she will as the song is great and Anniela is utterly charming singer and beautiful girl.

Christian Walz - "Like Suicide" - there are a lot of Tony Nilsson's recognizable moments in this song's sound, it's epic pop-ballad but I wouldn't say it's too "You're Out Of My Life", it has different atmosphere, it's sewed from different best highlights of Tony Nilsson's discography + something new extra that is bells-instrumental after chorus. It feels like one of songs which will make this melo-year, I expect a lot from this song and will be really surprised if it won't qualify (though as Tony isn't lucky when it comes to MF, everything can happen).

I'm leaving you with new singles covers from Jonas Matsson (the last not qualifying artist of 1st semi releasing single today and being already on #65 today with Rasmus Viber - #71, Dilba - still #1 and Le Kid - #4) and Elisabeth Andreassen with Sebastian covers from Rickard Engfors who has also made new style of Shirley Clamp's site belonging now to Shirley's Angels.

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s. said...

You try to listen Brolle's song more than one. I did it and for me it's the best song of this semi-final. And I think full version will be much better :)

Damian said...

Really hope full version will give much more tune-development and it's just not best song's piece.

Ubbe said...

Loreen, Sanna and Anniela are my favorites from the previews. Babsan - what a joke!! There must be a million better songs and singers than this!
A bit disappointed by Daniel´s song. Loved him at Idol

galanov said...

I wish Sanna all the best. I hope she would be the winner of this semi. Also Babsan is very funny. Loreen would be at the bottom of this semi, I guess.