Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jean Love - Let's Party

Though it's quite far untill the Summer but I bet many of you have already got tired of winter gray days and managed to visit warm places and not once maybe. For the rest (for everyone actually) we're sharing pretty summerish release from Jean-Pierre Marques (or Jean Love) - football-player from Brazil who used to play for Sweden as well and has got Swedish citizenship also becoming local celebrity after participation in scandalous tv-shows Paradise Hotel and Unga och Bortskämda.
Now Jean-Pierre tries music career with debut single "Let's Party" - very qualitative dance-track, closer to Romanian club-sound than Swedish dance-pop (that is not surprising as he currently playes for Romania) but still getting promotion in Sweden.
It's joyful, it's dancey, it's breathing Summer and we love it!

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