Thursday, February 17, 2011

Me and My Army - The Only One

If you previously heard before any of Kleerup's hits ("Longing For Lullabies", "With Every Heartbeat", etc.) what would you expect if you heard about new Kleerup's project Me And My Army? I bet some dark melodic electro-music. At least that's what I expected and what a surprise it was listening to pure indie-pop without hint of overproduced electronic arrangement. Project has appeared last year releasing single "The Only One" and EP "Me And My Army" that marked mostly acoustic indie-sound and now they deliver new album "Thank God for Sending Demons" that goes in the same key of melodic pop-rock music. We thought and we do think that Kleerup is musician who can write very nice tunes but unfortunately not amazing singer and I guess that's what band has learnt from EP mixing now Kleerup's vocal with backing ones and invited singers that undoubtfully was a big improvement.
Today band presents video for Me And My Army's "The Only One" - nice half-acoustic track with nice instrumental, warm melodics and cozy melancholic atmosphere.

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