Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily MF: Road to Göteborg

Tomorow Göteborg will get schlagerized in full-mode meeting Melodifestivalen's 2nd semifinal gang of artists - Brolle, Loreen, Babsan, Elisabeth Andreassen, Sanna Nielsen, The Moniker, Anniela, Christian Walz - not a weak selection at all! And how strong their songs will be we'll know already tomorrow from press-reviews. Due to odds and polls the biggest favorites are Sanna, Brolle and Christian but will they stay faves after tomorrow prelisten? We'll see!

For now we'll turn our face to other updates.
Dilba's single "Try Again" has made debut on iTunes today and going road of Le Kid single has reached #1 of iTunes chart with Le Kid on #2 and Rasmus Viberg at #45. It's gonna be really one of the strongest meloyears if even not qualifying songs are doing so well.

Talking about success of MF-2011 among viwers, show in Luleå has collected 3 014 000 viewers in front of TV-screens (that is neither record nor a fail) and on the other hand only 320 608 of votes that is the lowest first semifinal figure for the last 10 years (since semifinals system was introduced).

Recently Schlagerprofilerna revealed that no Melodifestivalen DVD is intended to be released this year again because of lalbel not satisfied with low sales due to sharing video in Internet and all videos in free access located on SVT site.

Linda Bengtzing has taken part in commercial action Schlagerfeber - talent contest held in Onoff stores net, Linda is gonna be coach for folk's talents and judge as well. Contest will be held through February, you can see trailer here (and our friends say that booklets with Linda are already all over). I just wonder how Melodifestivalen management will take it.

Linda Pritchard's dress is gonna be made not less than by Royal family designer Lars Wallin who had previous Eurovision-experience with Sweden-2006 and Azerbaijan-2009.

Daniel "The Moniker" Karlsson has appeared in XL-Live with very nice acoustic performance. Interesting fact is that both Daniel and Christoffer Hiding participated in the same season of Idol leaving on 4th and 6th place (EMD's Mattias was 5th) so it's gonna be interesting if both will meet in the final.

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Anonymous said...

With such weak performances the interest of the swedes is very low:P...or maybe on the other hand this is due to the economic crash:)))