Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily MF: From schlager-bubble to the top of charts

Le Kid who were left 5th in Melodifestivalen's first semifinal last Saturday celebrates victory today. Their newly released single "Oh My God" has reached #1 of Swedish iTunes-chart in the first day of sales! Impressive start and hopefully big hit of this year. Rasmus Viberg has also charted on iTunes with single "Social Butterfly" (currently #25), Dilba's single will be out very-very soon and Jonas Matsson's single also to come (thanx to Schlagerprofilerna for covers).

Talking about forthcoming singles - Sanna Nielsen who will perform this Saturday has also presented her stunning cover before and today we get another one and also pretty amazing cover of single "My Heart Is Refusing Me" from Sanna's Göteborg rival - Loreen. We already starts to fall for Loreen exploring this dark mysterious image and we're sure her entry is gonna be something very special! (stort tack for cover to Schlagerfiasko)

Melody Club today unleashed cover, tracklist and release date of their new album "Human Harbour". Besides MF-single "The Hunter" album will include previously released "I Don't Believe In Angels" and recently performed in XL-live "Sweet Disaster" and "Dreamers Wasteland". Album will be released in one day with Sanna's one - on March 2nd (few days after 4th semifinal).

Jenny Silver today revealed in chat with Aftonbladet readers that her album is planned for this Autumn and Swingfly's new album "Awesomeness" will include (among others) songs recorded with Kleerup and is planned to be out soon after Melodifestivalen final.

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