Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Thomas Di Leva!

While I thought how to send you congratulations today Thomas di Leva has already done it better presenting title track of new album as special card for this case.
As I've missed album finding it difficult for me, I think it's a good reason to give a tip to all interested long time or after following Så Mycket Bättre this Autumn. So if you're interested how Thomas' new album "Hjärtat Vinner Alltid" (Heart Always Wins) sounds like you can check it here and new single "Välkommen hem" here.
However I prefer "Hjärtat Vinner Alltid" - nice melodic half-acoustic track, by the way you can already see here Anders "Maverick" Lundström (ex-Rednex), pity we haven't got anything after his brilliant debut solo-single "Pretending" but back to topic!
Happy Valentine's Day dear readers, hope you spend it with your sweethearts and if not - meet Thomas di Leva coming to get your heart instead!

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