Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sounds from Kungsträdgården

Fantastic celebration of live Swedish music called LOVE Stockholm 2010 is unfortunately over leaving to us loads of impressions and memories of some amazing performances and great gigs but yesterday audience in Kungsträdgården still could enjoy the rest of them.
You could see Ola Svensson performing his huge Spring hit "Unstoppable", Caroline af Ugglas with her choir, Linda Sundblad with new single "Making Out" (one of undoubtfully best pieces of her last album), Eagle-Eye Cherry with his biggest international hit "Save Tonight" recently covered by E.M.D., Thomas di Leva with his old song "Vi har bara varandra", Anna Maria Espinosa performing her own song "A Little Moonlight" and duet together with Niklas Strömstedt - his "En Kvinna Och En Man" (most amazing part of this performance was King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf dancing near the stage) and some foreign guests like Jasmine Kara and Carpark North.

Caroline Af Ugglas - Vi Bär Upp Varandra
Anna Maria Espinosa - A Little Moonlight
Carpark North - Just Human
Jasmine Kara framför - In the basement
Di Leva - Vi har Bara Varandra

You should also check another recent concert in Kungsträdgården with Style performing their last single "LoveKiller" and classic hit "Vill Ha Dej", Broken Door with both their songs "Angel" and "Sunday Morning", Orup and the most interesting performance of Gravitonas. It was the first live performance of this utterly exciting new project of Alexander Bard with debut single "Kites" currently climbing dance charts of Sweden and new song "Shameless" that showed new side of the project. Initially Alexander announced the project as electro-rock band, however "Kites" turned to be more in synth-pop direction and "Shameless" definitely shows better what he meant, it's a catchy and full of drive pop-rock song with nicely developed rhythmic verses containing light synth-keys on background reminding some beautiful moments in music of BWO and guitar-driven catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head immediately. This is the level of quality that made previous Alexander's projects icons in Swedish music and that's gonna make Gravitonas continue this trend in a very close future.

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Paul said...

These concerts are bloody brilliant - i so have to move to sweden. Although i should be there early next year hopefully, around melodifestivalen time. Hurrah!

Damian said...

This is my crystal dream Paul, if you really in love with this country and was there once you just can't not to want to go back again and the thing is not only in music. I promised myself not to plan something before January but I think that closer to the end of year my Swedish hunger however will grow quite a lot to just pack my bags and come back to Melodifestivalen not matter what. Did you visit MF before?