Monday, June 14, 2010

Kent - Gamla Ullevi/Skisser för Sommaren

Without waste of time on preliminary annoucements and promos one of the most beloved by Swedish people rock-bands Kent is releasing new single today. And when you'll give it a listen you'll understand that any promotion around this stuff is unnecessary as this EP turned to be just brilliant! I would say the best thing I've heard from Kent since "Du & Jag Döden" album was released 5 years ago. For 15 years of existance Kent received the status of the biggest Swedish favorites releasing 6 #1 albums (out of 7), loads of top-singles and masses of fans not only inside of Sweden. Three years ago band switched from indie-rock to more electronic direction on album "Tillbaka till samtiden" and on following album "Röd" released not earlier than last November. And sure such a fast next release was the biggest surprise for all fans and sure pleasant surprise. "Gamla Ullevi" turned to be a bridge between new synth-sound of Kent and more driveous and positive power of Kent from the end of 90s-beginning of 00s. B-side "Skisser för Sommaren" also differs from deppresive synth-atmosphere of last albums and being summerish, warm and maybe having some parallels with The Ark-mood.
The album "En plats i solen" will be released very soon on June 30th.
And now guess the song that is new #1 on Swedish iTunes right now.

3 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Want it!!!

Poster Girl said...

Wow--talk about getting your attention right off the bat! It's a little while since I've really fallen for a Kent song (though the electronic change was interesting, the melodies weren't always there in my ears), but this really could change that. Great surprise.

Damian said...

I understand what you mean PG, their last stuff was qualitative but difficult to catch and I've got this song like return of band that we've lost many years ago, that's what Kent 5-15 years ago was about.