Monday, June 14, 2010

Eric Saade - Break Of Dawn

Young Eric Saade has got so much success for last 6 months - debut solo-single, debut music video, Top-3 of Melodifestivalen final, golden debut album, thousands of fans, honour of announcing Swedish votes on Eurovision-2010, so now it's left only to fix results with showing a little different side of Saade's music and Eric remembers about it releasing new single - another song co-written by Fredrik Kempe but this time it's a ballad following "Moving On"-"Hollow" line of Fredrik music direction. Video is shot by famous video director Mikeadelica and is very pleasant and qualitative video that's undoubtfully gonna give a new push to Eric's album "Masquerade".

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Oh no! Eric's girl has gone and left his spooning a pillow :/ Still he looks good in a vest :) I'm warming to this as a single - it's a gorgeous song!

Anonymous said...

Great video!!

Poster Girl said...

I really like this song, much more than I'd expect it to for being the "obligatory ballad on album from star known for dance-pop" (well, on of them). I hope he does well with it...and am pleasantly surprised that it actually had a bit of money spent on it, relative to what most mainstream Swedish popstars get!