Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Premiere of Allsång På Skansen

Yesterday annual tv-event "Allsång På Skansen" has started new season on SVT and audience from the very first show got the biggest names on the stage - three winners of Melodifestivalen - Carola, The Ark and Anna Bergendahl performed with some old hits singing karaoke with public and performed their own stuff. Carola was promoting her new programme devoted to Elvis Presley and Barbara Streisand with their songs (performance of "Woman In Love" deserves special attention!), The Ark performed their new songs "Take A Shine To Me" and "Stay With Me" and Anna was singing "This Is My Life" and "Have A Heart". But don't forget to check some old hits covers, for example Anna's "Båtlåt" turned to be very sweet one showing uniqueness of Miss Bergendahl's voice. Among other guests of the show you could see MozART Group, Thomas Järvheden and Hanna Hedlund. Watch whole show here.

Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
Anna Bergendahl - Båtlåt
Anna Bergendahl - Have A Heart
Carola - Woman In Love
Carola - You've lost that loving feeling
Carola - Idas Sommarvisa
The Ark - Stay With Me
The Ark - Take A Shine To Me
The Ark & Carola - Calleth You Cometh I
Ola Salo - Sjuttonde Balladen
Thomas Järvheden - Sekundär Ångest
MozART Group - How To Impress A Woman Being A Musician
MozART Group - Amadeus Jackson
Robban Broberg Potpurri
Allsång - Upp och pröva dina vingar

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Paul said...

I'm so jealous of all these outdoorsy type things going on in sweden, as I've said many times before!! Hmph. Still, seeing Same Diff at London pride on sat should be fun...

oh and you should check out my run down of the Ola video on the blog :P He is making me exhausted!!

Damian said...

Wow, Same Difference is gonna be fantastic in live performance, wish you could see also some other artists visiting Pride. But still you should visit Sweden at summer in a future, one Rix FM concert can give you a full star-pack and impressions for some years :)

We've already spoken about your review :) I'm just quite busy these few weeks so I'm checking my favorite blogs not daily :)