Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Martin Stenmarck - Everybody's changing

Martin Stenmarck keeps working with Scandic Hotels and presents release of new promo-single "Everybody's changing" (cover of popular Keane's song produced by Peter "Bassflow" Boström) that you can listen and download on Scandic's site. First such single-collaboration with Scandic "A Million Candles Burning" (original song written by David Stenmarck, Peer Åström, Nick Jarl and Martin Stenmarck) was released in the end of 2008 and became #1 hit in Sweden.
"Everybody's changing" has no big differences from original version of the song but Martin's vocal can never spoil the song and can be only bonus so it's a very welcome cover.
For those who eager to get some new Martin Stenmarck's stuff probably you've missed his recent amazing rock-song "All The Way" that wasn't included in Martin's album "Septemberland" but I'd say it's better than at least half of the album, I highly recommend it!

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Hmmm, such a faithful cover always seems a bit pointless to me, but i really like the song and I really like his vocal so it's a winner overall :)

Poster Girl said...

What the what?! Where the heck have I been? Totally missed both these songs from the awesome Martin. I'm glad, as usual, that you're around, Damian.

Damian said...

Paul, I also wasn't enthusiastic when I've found out it's gonna be cover but it's totally gone after first listen as Martin owned it by his voice.

Poster Girl, I was surprised to find "All The Way" and to find how brilliant it is not less than you :) Seems like I start missing Martin's English stuff.