Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pandora feat. Matt Hewie - You Believed

We've got another video-premiere today and this time from Anneli Magnusson aka Pandora.
Pandora became well-known dance-brand of 90s when Anneli was chosen to be a vocalist of club-project headed by producing team Hit Vision (Martin Ankelius, Peter Johansson and Henrik Andersson), her debut single "Trust Me" was a huge hit giving Pandora's career a great push for loads of further singles and albums which successfully reached public around the world - Australia, Japan and sure Scandinavia were conquered by this Swedish dance-bomb. Anneli's music movement never stopped, in 00s she tried herself in schlagerland at Melodifestivalen (in 2003 with "You" and in 2004 with "Runaway") and though both times she was left in semifinals it also couldn't destroy her. In 2007 Pandora released compilation of her biggest hits "Celebration" giving mix-refreshment to their sound (one of refreshed pieces of that era of Pandora "Call Me" entered Top-5 of Swedish chart) and turned to a new music stage of her career. In 2009 together with Bloom 06 they released new single "Kitchy Kitchy" (becoming another hit in Sweden - #7) and by rumours Pandora tried to return to Melodifestivalen with another new song "You Believed" but didn't qualify and released it later in 2010, single reached Top-3 and now has got video treatment, check it right here right now.

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