Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sommarkrysset: Robyn, Erik Grönwall, Petter, Play, Cookies N Beans, Crossfire & The Tensta Sound

New Sommarkrysset provides new artists, songs and great performances.
Robyn performed her new single "Dancing On My Own", should I even mention that it was amazing? I guess no as Robyn can't do any other way and girl was awarded with #1 of Swedish iTunes today. Another new single "Crash And Burn" was performed by Idol-winner Erik Grönwall, quite energetic performance with powerful Erik's vocals and band Fashion behind him (I'll tell you about this amazing project later), weird that on the other hand it didn't help him a lot (#189 on iTunes). Cookies & Beans sang just released single "I Just Don't Have The Heart" from their last album "Beg, Borrow and Steal" with their special voices. Audience has also got a chance to hear already well-known hits like "Du Gör Min Dag" by Petter and "Famous" by Play who obviously made another great performance and was met very warm by folk in Gröna Lund. Finally Rigo premiered his new cover-single of Arrow "Hot Hot Hot" as Crossfire with choir he's gathered in recent season of show Körslaget.

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Poster Girl said...

Oh good--I hope you have news about Fashion because I want to know when I can buy that great single of theirs! :) I'm only part of the way through Erik's performance, but I can't believe you recognized them--way to go.

Robyn has this unbeatable combination of strength and vulnerability. Watching her perform is always such a treat (mic problems or not)--I'd love to see her live.

Damian said...

Unfortunately I can't find any sign of release of Blinded By The Dark or any other song and it's just incredible, guys have amazing stuff and it's totally unbelievable to keep it unreleased. I see them often these days, they played with Elin Lanto in Expressen-live and with some other schlager-star in TV-performance but can't remember now who exactly....

In my opinion that thing with mic only stressed Robyn's expression so it didn't look like fault at all :)