Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sarah Dawn Finer - Kärleksvisan

Swedish pop- and soul-queen Sarah Dawn Finer has released her devotional single "Kärleksvisan" for princess Victoria's wedding that she performed previous week on a big concert right before the wedding. This is incredibly touching acoustic ballad that appeared first time on the last golden Sarah's album "Moving On" in English version as "For A Friend" and later as soundtrack of Swedish film "Så Olika" in new Swedish version. Right after release this single reached 2th place of iTunes (special Agnes' and Björn Skifs' wedding song still holds #1 hard). Currently Sarah's preparing her next album that will be out on the first week of November and will be mostly acoustic due to her own words. I'll remind you that star of Sarah Dawn Finer has risen up in 2007 after ultra-successful debut with beautiful soul-ballad "I Remember Love" that came fourth in the final of Melodifestivalen (that is realy huge success for artist not well-known for wide audience who released only one EP "Sarah Dawn Finer" before), the song sold gold, became a massive radio-hit and debut Sarah's album "A Finer Dawn" peaked at #2 of Swedish chart. Sarah came back to Melodifestivalen in 2 years this time with heart-breaking pop-rock song "Moving On" written together with Fredrik Kempe and amazing show causing loads of tears of touched audience. The song came 6th in the final but again became one of the biggest radio-hits of the year and new album "Moving On" has reached #1 and sold gold. Recently Sarah finished her sold-out tour and ready for a new stage of her music life with a new album.

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