Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazee ft. Mohombi - Do It

New video for the last Top-10 Lazee's single "Do It" is out.
Lazee has not long yet but quite succesful career in Sweden. He debuted 2 years ago with single "Rock Away" becoming big hit during Spring 2008 and later released another also noticed by audience single "Hold On" featuring popular rock-band Neverstore and the album "Setting Standards" same year. Together with Danny they also released single "Just Like That" in Poland. After a short pause Lazee came back this year with another hit "Calling Out" with rock-vocals in a style of "Hold On" but this time featuring Apollo Drive, that one and new song "Do It" both also became Top-10 hits and right now another successfuly promoted single "Can I Be The One" with his participation is released by Norlie & KKV.
About Mohombi - first highlight of his career was qualifying to Melodifestivalen-2005 as part of Group Avalon with the song "Big up" and after that he was working with many songwriting teams - Bloodshy & Avant, Twin, Jonas Jeberg, RedOne and others.
"Do It" is very nice catchy summer hit working well with proper music video rolling around parties, pools, cars and girls in bikini so relax and have some summer fun with Lazee and Mohambi.

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Poster Girl said...

Lazee is doing a good job of making "international" sounding hip-hop songs...or at least has a good A&R finding these sorts of songs and collaborators for him!

I didn't realize "Just Like That" was a single in Poland! It's one of the highlights of that album, so it's nice to know it got exposure somewhere.

Damian said...

Not that I'm keen on hip-hop stuff a lot but Lazee makes his stuff poppy and catchy enough to make it really pretty for pop-folowers.

I didn't know it before too, it feels like Swedish stars these days come to Poland and diving into some close sort of music life releasing songs and giving loads of concerts all over this happy country! :)