Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sibel feat. Lazee - The Fall

Life and career were flowing in a full mode for young and beautiful Sibel Redzep last few years. After girl has appeared on Idol-2005 and almost reached the final but was beaten by Agnes and Sebastian Karlsson it took 3 years for her to come back and she did it on Melodifestivalen-2008 with her debut single "That is Where I'll Go" surprising everyone with her astonishing vocals, going directly to the final and releasing her Top-10 debut album "The Diving Belle" with some pretty cool singles and music videos like "Make Believe", "Walking Away" and "I'm Sorry" (best track of the album in my opinion). Sibel also has worked on backvocals for Ashley Tisdale's last album and was touring in China. In 3 years Sibel came back to Melodifestivalen with her new song "Stop" written by Mikaela Stenström and Dimitri Stassos, though it didn't go so well for her, that is a shame as Sibel's polished performance with this amazing track can be easily called real melo-classics. She also provided another demo "You're Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot" that qualified to the contest and was performed by Linda Pritchard but even with great performance didn't go well unfortunately. And now Sibel proudly presents brand new single "The Fall" featuring Lazee and produced by Novel who wrote "Straight Through My Heart" for Backstreet Boys and worked in team of RedOne on songs for Lady Gaga. You can actualy hear some touch of RedOne in this great party-track that shows new side of Sibel. Second Sibel's album that she was recording last two years is planned for August-September.

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