Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Victorious Lotta in victorious Liseberg

As you can remember year before after giving birth to first child Linda Bengtzing has made her comeback on the stage of Liseberg with big schlager-medley of her songs "Alla flickor", "Jag Ljuger Så Bra", "Hur svårt kan det va?" participated in Melodifestivalen. Yesterday audience could get deja-vu watching Linda with this schlager-medley again but this time in a full power and expression she usually provides on the stage of MF, also together with Velvet they performed "Victorious" and it feels like every new performance of this song is stronger and stronger. Velvet as another representive of schlager-royalty couldn't leave audience without her Melodifestivalen-hit and performed "The Queeen" (around 40:00) in all her brilliance. Also you can check performances of another guest-artists Robert Wells and Joel Alme and karaoke with public of Arja Saijonmaa's "Högt över havet" and Ted Gärdestad's "Satellit", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and others here.

Linda Bengtzing - Alla flickor
Velvet och Linda - Victorious
Robert Wells, Velvet & Linda Bengtzing - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Robert Wells - Satellit
Robert Wells - Nocturne
Joel Alme - No Class
Joel Alme - The Queens corner

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Poster Girl said...

Every time I see Linda perform now, I'm so proud of her. She's come so far since 2005 as a performer--not just vocally, but with an easy, goofy charisma and confidence. She's been looking beautiful for these past few performances, too (though especially for the medley, even if her hair was slightly less than real-looking there)!

Velvet is, as usual, great, but I wouldn't expect anything else :) I just don't know how you can watch that performance of "The Queen" and then not wonder why people don't vote for her in Melodifestivalen.

Damian said...

I don't even believe Linda became such a pop-icon during just five years, it feels like she's on board forever, I'm pretty sure she had most of her pack already from Fame Factory but obviously she worked so much. I remember how we during our first visit to Sweden came with a huge bunch of disks to cash-desk of MediaMarkt and made girl cashier smiling widely while she was handling all this Perrelli-September-Alcazar-... stuff till we all have fallen laughing out loud. But when she reached Linda's second album she showed mostly communicating in Swedish with our friend showed us thumb up and Rix FM concert later proved that Linda is very beloved by Swedes. If you'll check Velvet's performance you'll see that audience gets her very well also. It's here on 40th minute.