Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plan Three - Brush It Off

No surprises Sweden always had some fantastic rock-bands not less calibre than their more heavily promoted American colleagues and though it's more difficult to break through internationally some great bands have a chance to become popular inside of Sweden. Plan Three are already not newcomers on Swedish rock-stage playing alternative rock on field and level of bands like Cold, Three Days Grace and Daughtry. Powerful sound, great tunes and utterly tasty vocal of Jake Lovén, this is what Plan Three about. Band released their first single "Achilles Heel" back in 2007, experimenting and developing their direction later in 2009 they released next song "Triggers" that entered compillation of Bandit Rock radio and later their first official single "Still Broken" from forthcoming album, both singles "Achilles Heel" and "Still Broken" entered Swedish chart and band finally released their debut album "Screaming Our Sins" full of really enjoyable and different stuff (by the way David Clewett works in LaCarr company and you can find collaborations with such artists like Bananarama, A-Teens, Dannii Minogue and No Angels in his portfolio). Currently band promotes their single "Brush It Off" beautiful and powerful rock-ballad that recently entered Bandit Rock radio air and hopefully will be a hit of this Summer.

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