Saturday, June 12, 2010

Basshunter - Saturday

Jonas Altberg well-known as Basshunter being one of the biggest export-prides of Sweden doesn't need special presentation, that's why I'm gonna move right to news. Many artists these days goes RedOne sound and Basshunter isn't exception, it it good? I'm sure yes, Jonas extremely needs breaking his fixed music image and new single can really help him with it. Catchy repeating chorus, nice tune, expressive vocals and RedOne's beat sounds like really loveable formula! Don't forget also to check Digital Dog Remix, these guys keep brand of great remixers.

3 коммент.:

Radio Sedna said...

good music damian !!Saluete from Spain !!

Anonymous said...

who is the girl group in the video are they a new group

Damian said...

Radio Sedna, thanx so much, I'm trying to speak only about good one :)

xknight1156 I tried hard to know who are these girls or female singer but can't find this information for now.