Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Royal wedding duets

Incredibly exciting news! Due to Aftonbladet famous songwriter and producer Jörgen Elofsson has written song for Agnes and Björn Skifs, it will be performed in church during wedding of Victoria and Daniel Westling on June 19th. Aftonbladet's source reports that the song is typical Eloffson's Beyoncé-style ballad in English and the single will be released right after wedding (by the way Agnes career has started back in 2005 with amazing Jörgen Elofsson's ballad "Right here Right Now" - song that Agnes won Idol with).

Charlotte Perrelli and Magnus Carlsson keeps promoting their devotional song "Mitt Livs Gemål" for Victoria and finally audience could watch them live on TV, very beautiful performance at it's supposed to be! You can also check interview with them here.

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Paul said...

oh i am loving the regal romance of Mags and Char together :) We need a royal wedding in this country so that we can have lots of lovely duets :)