Sunday, June 27, 2010

Melodifestivalen-2010: Update

Some latest news about what's going on with participants of Melodifestivalen-2010.

Timoteij will release new single "Högt över ängarna" from debut album "Längtan" on June 30th.

In the beginning of May Expressen reported about Neo who after all stresses he's got in the MF-period got serious case of vestibular neuritis and had to learn how to go, now Neo's back and as a proof he performed his MF-single "Human Frontier" and previous "Flower Power Supergirl" in acoustic.

NEO - Flower Power Supergirl (live at Nyhetsmorgon)

In days of Midsommar Peter Jöback got married with his boyfriend Oscar Nilsson. You could see Andreas Lundstedt, Pernilla Wahlgren and Sarah Dawn Finer among guests. Short interview from wedding is here.

Don't forget to visit blog of Jenny Silver as you can find some interesting demos that she's recording with her husband.

Song "Vilar Glad I Din Famn" written by Benny Andersson and Kristina Lung and performed with participance of Orsa Spelmän & Kalle Moraeus gets it's single-release apart from other songs from princess Victoria's wedding included in special compilation "Bröllopsmusiken från Storkyrkan". Benny Andersson commented that he wasn't interested in putting his name among merchandising of this event. By the way Kalle Moraeus along with Salem al Fakir, Anna Bergendahl, Timoteij and Eric Saade few weeks ago received golden status of his latest album "Underbart".

Anna Bergendahl's "This Is My Life" keeps conquering hearts of European audience and is currently at #13 in chart of one of the biggest Lithuanian radiostations M-1, week before the song also appeared in Hungarian chart. Anna along with many other artists performed in Kungsträdgården at Love Stockholm 2010 and looked very-very nice in her beautiful dress (thanx to Vitaliy for photos).

Lovestoned released their album "Rising Love" in Germany, sure band has tried to make this edition special for their German fans and included new song "Who's That Girl", that you can listen below.

Currently Jessica Andersson's "I Did It For Love" is #1 in the oldest Swedish radio-chart Svensktoppen (with following "Underbart" at #2, "Keep On Walking" at #3 and "Kom" at #9), Jessica plans new single but promise next album only next Spring.

Anders Ekborg prepares for release of his album "Painted Dreams" but before we'll get new single "I Do Believe" on July 7th. You can listen piece of new single and another duet with Helen Sjöholm "Always Here" below.

And finally I need to mention that currently we can find only winners of 4 semifinals of MF-2011 in Swedish single-chart.

13 - Timoteij - Kom
22 - Eric Saade - Manboy
28 - Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
60 - Salem Al Fakir - Keep On Walking

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Paul said...

oh i really want Neo to be a worldwide superstar :) I've loved his album all last year. I really like Lovestoned as well. I hope they do well :) I'm desperate to hear the benny andersson penned song. It's been a long time since Story Of A Heart.

Alexander said...

Actually, Lovestoned's album was released in Germany last year. They just excluded "Who's That Girl" for the Swedish release. :)

Damian said...

How weird that they announced this June release as new! Maybe they just released it physically before and now finally on iTunes as there's only one this "Special version"? However thanx for information Alexander!

Paul, he really deserves, if Mika could break-through, Neo with his dance-pop would be so welcome for international pop-fans community!