Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Petter feat. Veronica Maggio - Längesen

Some news for all who missed Veronica Maggio and sure for all who likes Petter. Petter's releasing his collaboration with Veronica as a single.
In a few words about Petter he came to music in 90s with hip-hop band Sherlock but going solo little later he showed himself like a really successful artist selling platinum albums and making a lot of hits. This year he's back with the album "En räddare i nöden" and after the first single "Gör min dag" we got follow-up.

"Längesen" is a calm melodic piano-based hip-hop song with pitchy-filtered Akon-like vocal in refrain turning to a beutiful intimate vocal of Veronica. Kaveh Azizi recently has made very nice mix for this song.

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