Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sanna Nielsen live!

God bless TV4! These people make amazing present to everyone who can't come to LOVE Stockholm 2010 and upload full-length gigs of some artists like Sanna Nielsen (Strong, Impatiently Waiting For You, Devotion, Sound Of Spring (new song!!!), I Can Catch The Moon, Hela Världen För Mig, Vågar Du Vågar Jag, But I Know What I Want, Empty Room), Carola (Evighet and duet with Samuel Ljungblahd), Takida, Samuel Ljungblad and Timo Räisinen. The most amazing part of it for me personally is Sanna's gig, sure it can't pass even half of emotions that gives her performance when you're right in front of the stage but the quality of concert record is fantastic so you can enjoy it on maximum.

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