Thursday, June 10, 2010

Johanna Stedt - Stormen

Sweden always had amazing singers who started behind the names of some already famous projects and rocketed their solo-career after it so I'd like to present you one of such hopes and undoubtedly one of the most amazing voices of Sweden - Johanna Stedt, very beautiful and talented singer who started on back-vocals of well-known dance-projects like Günther and Carlito, her voice is very recognizable so if you're really into Swedish pop you know it well. In 2005 Johanna has started collaborating with Danish DJ Encore, they released single "You Can Walk On Water" and later in 2007 album "Unique" that turned to the great mix of soft trance and Scandinavian dance-pop - so if you'd like to listen what could make Ian Van Dahl, Da Buzz and Kate Ryan together you're gonna love this album! Check samples of this album here.

Next week Johanna participates in competition "Svensktoppen nästa 2010" - contest organized by radio P4 for new artists, Johanna together with Anderz Wrethov, Elin Wrethov and Martin Svensson have written incredibly beautiful and emotional ballad "Stormen" with Johanna's amazing vocals, great tune and folk-touch that is rare combination these days and makes song even more amazing. Johanna reached the final of the contest and June 16th she will fight for the victory with other finalists so let's cross our fingers for Johanna and this beautiful song!

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