Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Idol-2010 starts... NOW!

Already few minutes are left till the start of new seventh Swedish Idol season on tv4.se - one of the greatest Swedish music-show that already gave birth to loads of young stars like Agnes, Måns, Ola, EMD, Darin, Rebound and many-many others so probably already today you'll see some new artists who will be lighting up your music skies many years from now. Probably you won't understand it from the first audition but sometimes you see audition of young artist and realize that this star have come and gonna stay on the stage at least for years. I've chosen first auditions of some Idol-participants who has become very popular in last years and this is realy funny to see how much some of them has grown (like Darin, Gathania, Erik Segerstedt), others like Danny, Måns and Marie Picasso don't seem to change too much (though they were adorable from the start and it's not criminal at all). My personal Top-3 of the most impressive and touching auditions I have seen is - Darin, Anna Bergendahl and Sibel (in random order). But every of auditions below is worthy to watch - to look funny previous hair style of Erik Segerstedt, to see how Gathania decides to come with dance song because she thinks that to sing ballad on audition is dull and to convince yourself that Danny was actually always quite outgoing guy.

Danny Saucedo
Agnes Carlsson
Erik Segerstedt
Måns Zelmerlöw
Amanda Jenssen
Markus Fagervall
Kevin Borg
Marie Picasso
Robin Bengtsson
Johan Palm
Erik Grönwall
Eddie Razaz (Rebound)
Rabih Jaber (Rebound)
Erika Selin
Camilla Håkansson

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Poster Girl said...

It is SO surreal to watch some of these performances--as you say, some of them have grown up quite a lot since then (in years, in confidence, and sometimes in styling). I like you choices for your favorites, though--sometimes you can see the potential right from the beginning.

Myfizzypop said...

great performances - it's like going back and watching Will Young do Blame It On The Boogie. It's so odd to see him young and inexperienced but with something magical about him. I shall have to catch up with idol online.

Damian said...

Oh I didn't see audition of Chris! Wouldn't ever say that he'll become such a star if I'd saw him on the street, very adorable moment, thanx for the tips!

Especially I've got that feeling about Darin PG, he came as such a shy guy wrapped in this sporty outfit, who could imagine he's gonna turn such a diamond after he has started to sing?