Monday, September 13, 2010

Gravitonas - Religious

Second single "Religious" of new Alexander Bard's project Gravitonas is released and as always Alexander provides whole pack for fans promoting new piece of his music so we get video and single full of the most different mixes for all tastes and dancefloors.
Video for "Religious" turned be great Gravitonas' mystic style continuation of "Kites" but just like the song the video is more positive and meditative than "Kites", though it's still filled with grotesque characters, weird scenes and you can see Alexander and Andreas as psychologist and patient, priest and baptized in Gravitonas religion, visitors of dancing forest people in bizarre costumes, pictures which can remind you some Fever Ray's videos. It turns to be one of the most beautiful atmospherical videos of the year and undoubtfully another bright highlight of Gravitonas.
You should also check remixes from Dada Life, Soundfactory, Video Violence, Adam Rickfors and Anders Nyman, our favorite is the first one, really massive dancefloor killer with electro twist and brilliant buzzing baseline.
Few weeeks ago Gravitonas released their first EP with 4 new songs and in interview to FizzyPop Alexander has told about his plans to release another one and third video before release of album that will be presented not before the end of this year, talking about his previous project BWO Alexander hasn't any plans for comeback considering Gravitonas as his Present that he's totally into right now. You can find many other interesting facts and plans in this interesting interview so don't hesitate to check it!

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

it's still abrilliant song 3-4 weeks after I first heard it :) Can't wait for a new EP!!

Damian said...

It's amazing how it grows and I don't get tired of it as it's more than just great song - it has special atmosphere that works for me especially good for my Autumn mood :)