Thursday, September 9, 2010

Danny, Sanna Nielsen and Anders Fernette in Melodifestivalen-2011?

Autumn is the hottest time for speculations in media about who will participate in next Melodifestivalen and therefore who will be those top-pop-artists appearing whole next year on different live events, releasing fresh music stuff and spreading all over magazine's covers here and there. Sure you shouldn't believe in everything that press claims but as usually most of revealed comes true all these rumours turned to be utterly exciting when you see some really interesting names in lists.
Aftonbladet reported today that Danny is ready to perform solo at Melodifestivalen and looking for the right song able to win whole contest (before he participated as part of EMD in 2009 and took 3rd place of the final). Among other possible names are participants of 2009 Lili & Susie, runner-ups of 2008 Sanna Nielsen and 2004 - Shirley Clamp, winner of MF-1996 One More Time re-united in the final of MF-2010 and by rumours being rejected already some years. As well Aftonbladet's sources report that Lasse Stefanz (very popular dansband-group that had to perform with "Den första kyssen (Sweet Kissin' In The Moonlight)" in 2009 but refused and the song was given to Thorleifs) are 100% gonna participate, dansband being quite popular genre in Sweden didn't do well on Melodifestivalen last years (Thorleifs, Highlights and Scotts have failed to get to the final). Anders Fernette received songs from many songwriters and currently is looking for the right song to perform also. After last two years when three final spots were conquered by Idol-participants and this year contest was won by Idol-Anna Bergendahl Mr. Björkman doesn't seem to be positive about big quantity of Idols on MF saying that exploring different genres Idol-artists need more time to find themselves after.
Below is the list of artist who are rumoured to be in Christer Björkman's wish-list:
Timo Räisänen
Ace of Base
Sahara Hotnights
Maia Hirasawa
Elena Paparizou
Lisa Nilsson
Mauro Scocco (as songwriter)
Robyn (as songwriter)
Sofia Jannok
Annika Norlin
Magnus Carlson

Artists who want to participate and plan to send songs:
Sara Varga
Marie Picasso
Marie Serneholt
Magnus Carlsson
Le Kid
Sarah Dawn Finer
Elisabeth Andreassen
Linda Bengtzing

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Poster Girl said...

Even if half of the rumors are baseless, I love this season of speculation. Thanks for gathering all these rumors and reports together.

sharkan said...

I want to see finally in next MF - Amanda Jenssen !

Damian said...

You know PG, after week last season I don't have high hopes for MF (as I had year before after fantastic 2009) so I take it calm and it helps me to be more excited about any interesting names :)

sharkan I would love also! But seems like it's gonna be difficult as after Idol she tries to install her as artist independent from Swedish mainstream music.