Thursday, September 2, 2010

Results of Rockbjörnen 2010

Yesterday was obviously lucky night for Oskar Linnros and Tokio Hotel, both managed to won in two categories being logicaly joined by Robyn and Kent as most respectable artists who didn't fall out of the spot last months. Lars Winnerbäck took his sixth Rockbjörnen, this time as Best male artist and victory in new category Best festival was given to Peace & Love. The Ark, Erik Saade, Tove Styrke and Hoffmaestro performed at the stage and as you can see on the picture above star guests had a lot of fun that was able to watch during awards.

Best female artist: Robyn
Best male artist: Lars Winnerbäck
Best group: Kent
Best concert: Tokio Hotel
Best festival: Peace & Love
Best Swedish song: Oskar Linnros – ”Från och med du”
Best international song: Tokio Hotel – ”World Behind My Wall”
Best breakthrough: Oskar Linnros

So here is the best Swedish song of the year due to Rockbjörnen's opinion. Well deserved, so we send congratulations to Oskar!

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Alexander said...

It's a crap music award. Best international song: Tokio Hotel – ”World Behind My Wall”?! I've never even heard this song, come to think of it, I've never even heard a single song by Tokio Hotel.

Damian said...

This was one of my biggest questions last night but seems like guys not having any Top-20 single managed to make #1 album in Sweden and the second one peaked at #8 that's not bad at all so they has not so week fanbase in country.

Glinta said...

Happy for Robyn and Kent =)))))

Paul said...

Hurrah - i'm back from holiday. I've missed Swedish Stereo ) Not really a big fan of any of these award winners but oh well!!

Damian said...

Swedish Stereo missed you too Paul :) Pity that I can't make you happier with Eric's performance at Rockbjörnen, he has performed all three last singles.