Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fix - DCAL

Ready for rock'n'roll adrenaline rush before the weeekend?
Get it along with the new single and video from The Fix - fresh and promising Swedish rock-band that we're gonna explore right now. The band is quite young to talk about big artistic portfolio so we'll directly take a look at what The Fix is musically about. New single "DCAL" gives us impression of mainstream pieces of pop and rock mixed very unique way, it's like gentle old-school rock-n-roll accurately and skilfully written and played and torn apart with soloist's expressive 90s rock vocal manner that can be compared with Dave Grohl's voice and it works surprisingly very well. Video for "DCAL" turned to be very stylish wrapped into very pleasant color solution and light retro atmosphere (can you imagine it was shot just for 20$ spent on dress for lady from the video?) and though it doesn't has any plot charisma of frontman Johan Falkman is completely enough to keep your attention till the end of video. You can download this and another The Fix's songs absolutely for free right now on their Myspace page, don't hesitate before these songs have become big hits that you're undoubtfully gonna buy. I also recommend you to give a listen to "How You Doing?" - another nice track with delicate verse sounding like if Amanda Jenssen or Vincent decided to cover Sam Sparro and blossoming powerfull rock-chorus. And now time to check The Fix'ed video!

4 коммент.:

JP.M said...

Hi Damian, very good music!
your blog is really good too, thank you for all these discoveries and good weekend to all Swedish, soon, jpaul

Damian said...

Thanx so much for all your kind words JPaul! :) Have a great weekend! :)

Poster Girl said...

That's a surprisingly well-made video for such a low budget.

Anwert said...

loves it! what is a DCAL?