Friday, September 24, 2010

Magnus Carlsson - The Best In Me

New Magnus Carlsson's single "The Best In Me" is out and Magnus is on the way to promote it along with forthcoming album "Pop Galaxy" that's gonna be released already on September 29th and this album is going to be devotion to music of 80s - Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, Samantha Fox and other Magnus idols. You can hear it very well in new single, as it's probably the campiest disco-pop single Magnus ever did, spreading joy of 80s disco with tsunami-scale waves. Magnus performed single at TV4 in it's studio version so if you haven't bought it yet you can check it below. Single contains also cover-version of Alcazar's "Crying At The Discotheque" made in the same vein of Pitchline-pop that you can hear at Magnus' official site (+ Ruff & Jam mix for previous Magnus' single "Feel You" and Pitchline Extended version of "The Best In Me").
As well Magnus visited XL-Live with acoustic performance of "The Best In Me", another single - Erasure-cover "A Little Respect" and ballad version of old Barbados' hit "Kom Hem".

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Paul said...

Damian, i am loving this so much. I am really eager for Pop Galaxy now. Such a great album title too. Magnus hasn't let me down yet so I'm hoping he continues what has been a great year for Swedish blokes (Eric, Darin, Ola)

Damian said...

I've just got the album and can't wait to get home and give it proper listen! Last studio album 3 years ago had very high level, I believe this one will be amazing too.