Monday, September 6, 2010

Peter Jöback - Inte Redo Än

One of the most popular and beloved artists of Sweden Peter Jöback is currently working on forthcoming album, plans are quite massive - tour, new studio and live albums and sure some singles. Next one (after "Hollow") was presented in Nyhetsmorgon and Kulturnyheterna, it's Mauro Scocco written "Inte Redo Än" - sad and beautiful Autumn soundtrack that you can expect from Peter's previous albums (undoubtfully it should sound more juicy in studio arrangement). I should mention that Peter already has 5 #1 albums and all but the debut Peter's album entered Top-7 of Swedish chart so there's no doubt next album will be his another success. You can also watch acoustic performance of his another hit "Guldet blev till sand" from musical "Kristina från Duvemåla".
Not to miss any news about Peter I recommend you to check his unofficial blog in English, it's really interesting place.

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Paul said...

am checking him out now! Also - have you heard the new Didrik single? it's very pleasant in a westlife meets buble sort of way :)