Monday, September 6, 2010

Blackmore's Night covers Nordman and One More Time

Famous folk-band Blackmore's Night has just released brand new album "Autumn's Sky" and among songs you can find cover of old Nordman's hit "Vandraren" which now is titled as "Journeyman". The song was originally written by Py Bäckman and Mats Wester (not singing half of Nordman) and has become opening track of debut Nordman's album "Nordman" released back in 1994. It has become second Top-10 hit of the band and won Rockbjörnen as Best Swedish song, the album has become #1, sold 540 000 copies of the album, reached platinum status also won Rockbjörnen as Best Swedish album spending 99 (!!!) weeks in charts. Honestly I can't say new version has become more interesting but it's always honour to be covered by such huge international band!
Speaking about what Nordman currently is about - band's touring with their last album "Korsväg" which (as all Nordman's albums) has become Top-10 and you could also see band in ICA-markets TV-ads (where advertising cooking book Nordman is symbolizing Swedish, folk and modern character of ICA-production).

Nordman's version

Blackmore's Night's version

UPDATE: Thanx to our reader K-A-B we've just got information that you can find another Swedish cover on Blackmore's Night's album. It's "Highland" originally performed by One more Time and written by Nanne and Peter Grönvall. Back in 1992 it was first big success of One More Time reaching #2 of Swedish chart.

One More Time's version

Blackmore's Night's version

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K-A-B said...

They also covered "Highland" by One More Time (written by Nanne & Peter Grövall).

Damian said...

Oh, thanx so much K-A-B! I should update this post right now.

mars said...

Did Nordman make a music video for Vandraren?

Damian said...

I guess no, at least my search haven't given any result.