Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andreas Johnson - Solace

Andreas Johnson is releasing new compilation "Tour Edition" containing all his biggest hits (and his duo with Carola "One Love" as well, ah, this is spicy question after all drama around this song). I haven't manage to put my hands on this album so can't write review about it but I guess I'm just like you really eager to get completely new stuff from Andreas as the last time when we've got original studio album from him was in 2005 (after the album "Mr Johnson, Your Room is on Fire" Andreas released re-edition, gretest hits collection and jazz-covers album). I can wait a little bit more as Andreas totally compensates lack of new songs with completely genial new single "Solace" that was presented earlier as soundtrack to Swedish TV-show "Biggest loser" and is released at "Tour Edition" as well. I don't know what is the most amazing thing about this song, rising powerful start of the song carrying you without brakes on a highest speed limit on a highway, tragic and beautiful keys of verse or epic chorus blowing, burning and breaking down everything around. This is massive and this is what I really-really recommend you to listen!

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Me said...

I Don´t know how to say this or even if I should say it at, all I can say except everything You know Andreas is I was almost killed in Your bedroom, My memory came back with that song Solace. A huge red demon about 2 and a half metres tall stood by the end of You bed, and whispered some nasty stuff at me that I don´t even remember. I told it to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ, It disappeared. In the morning however strange things happened. Excuse me if I don´t remember it correctly, but I tore Your Satans Bible into pieces, and left my own small red one on Your bed, decided to confront You about It outside. On my way out of the room I was knocked down in my back, felt my big bible hit my head, it landed on my back, I heard cutlerydrawers and refridgeratordoors flying up saw the milk splasch all over the kitchen disches falling on the floor and chairs being moved around before I fell unconscious at the doorstep, to the hall, Almost knocked out I saw a big kitchenknife fly through the air when I collapsed at the door, It landed 10 cm from my head, my own one was out too. When I came to my sences I whispered Thank You Jesus for saving me, my memory seemed to get lost..until I heared the song. What happened? Better get out to get some air.
Mr Glorious I did not mess in Your house, I guess it was that Demon. Only Jesus can save You.