Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stephen Simmonds - Just Love

One of the most inspring soul-artists and owner of amazing voice Stephen Simmonds has prepared new single "Just Love" and it sounds at least like the best single of month!!!
But firstly I'd like to present Stephen to those who don't know about him quite enough. Stephen Simmonds is international child, having Jamaican father and Swedish mother living with family in United States and Israel in childhood but finally staying in Sweden where he's got music education and was discovered in mid-90s. His debut album "Alone" turned to be a huge breakthrough in 1997 and debut single "Tears Never Dry" featuring Lisa Nilsson has become real classic of Swedish pop-music. Getting quite huge interest of labels around the world album was also released in Japan and in UK and US under new name "Spirit Tales". During next few years Stephen has released bunch of other singles ("All The People", "Alone", "Now's The Time", "Get Down") - very gentle and soulfull tracks which marked him as the singer with uniquely beautiful voice and excellent taste in music he was making. Another highlight of that Stephen's era was duo with Titiyo "Comin' Home" - one of the most beautiful song in discography of both, song without age. Later in 2002 when Stephen came back with new album "For Father" in 2002 they kept working together so you can here Titiyo's vocal contribution in this work. After release of Titiyo's huge hit "Longing For Lullabies" (in collaboration with Kleerup) Stephen has made brilliant cover for P3 Guld-2009 that I really recommend you. On "For Father" he was working as well with Dilba which he recorded single "For Father" with (along with other singles - "I Can't Do That" and "Let Me Touch").
Third album "This Must Be Ground" in 2004 marked Stephen's collaboration with other great vocalists like Sarah Dawn Finer and Anna Nordell and new singles "Where's My Love" and "Louder". In 2006 Stephen's song "So Good" qualified to Melodifestivalen but as he didn't want to sing the song himself it was rejected by SVT. This year Stephen has come back with brand new single "Adiyeah (Give People What They Want)" with new unexpected sound but still loads of artistic and vocal charm and after Summer of promotion and participance in Ladies Night show with Martin Stenmarck, Brolle and Andreas Johnson he's back with a new single "Just Love".
"Just Love" is written by Stephen and produced by huge international songwriter/producer Arnthor Birgisson who worked with many world names like Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Westlife, Janet Jackson, etc. and also produced Darin's "You're Out Of My Life" and you can feel that hard beat in amazing combination with modern pop-sound, r'n'b vibes and completely ecstatic melody that screams to be new international breakthrough of Mr. Simmonds. Single is planned for release in the beginning of October along with new album "Anomie".

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Paul said...

I didn't know anything about him til now, other than he looks suave in a suit and has a voice like honey. The end.

Damian said...

Hope it's enough to get your attention Paul! His voice is very inspiring and he's amazingly charming artist. I'm waiting for some big hits from his album.

Anonymous said...

love it, love it, love it!!!!! cant wait for his new album to drop!